At age 17 I started exploring my sexual orientation. In that process I realized that I lived in a country where sexuality is a taboo topic.

In 2010 I wrote the following text: 


I'm living in a very conservative society that vehemently opposes my lifestyle. Recently I've entered into an unknown territory, that has transformed my life from promiscuity to monogamy. I'm in a relationship with a women 10 years older.

My latest work is a documentation of my current life, it's about capturing moments that are brimming with personal sentiment. I ask friends to take photos of me and my girlfriend. It is difficult to act normal in front of the camera; during the shooting three things can happen: over acting, nothing or forgetting about the camera. I'm looking for the moment when the camera is forgotten, where a sense of vulnerability is apparent.

I discovered that the painting's technique, size, and the time dedicated to them are a representation of my longing to talk about my relationship. In creating situations that give me the opportunity to capture an image that deals with themes like homosexuality, commitment, sex, and other related societal issues. 


I started this series as my theses project at Altos de Chavón art school, to start a conversation on homosexuality in a safe place. I started painting these 60x40' photorealistic oil paintings and 4x6' silk aquatint plates that would reference photographic dimensions and the everyday banal snaptshot photography. In the school context homosexuality was never the subject of discussion, neither identity. My work was consequentially banned from the theses show at the commencement ceremony  due to its 'explicit material'. These series of events demonstrated the power of the series, which was then shown at the Museum of modern art of the Dominican Republic in 2011.

#7 copy.jpg


This body of work was shown at Columbia University, at Parsons The New School in New York City; in a popup art gallery in harlem's historic Astor Row; in the Dominican Museum of Modern Art, and at Casa Quien art gallery in the Dominican Republic. 

Images of my work where published in the Dominican Republic's capital's free news paper Diario Libre; in the Summer of 2011 following the inauguration of the biennale of Museum of Modern art where my work was first exhibited.