Marie Jiménez (Dominican Republic, 1991)


At age 19 she participated in the 26th Biennial of Arts at the Dominican Republic’s Museum of Modern Art (MAM); with paintings that were previously censored because they create a space to openly talk about homosexuality.


In the summer of 2011, Marie received an Associate’s in Applied Arts at Altos de Chavón, obtaining a full scholarship to finish her Bachelor's degree at Parsons The New School, in New York.


Her works were featured in national publications such as "An Atypical Biennial for our Creole Art" (Diario Libre - August 19, 2011) and "Generation: stage or degree in a succession" (U Magazine - December 2011, written by Ismael Ogando, Dominican performance artist based in Berlin).


While studying at Parsons, Marie participated in collective exhibits in alternative spaces such as basements, terraces, cultural centers, to more traditional spaces such as galleries at the Hudson River Museum and Columbia University, among others.


Marie made “II (Al Compás)”, a short experimental fiction inspired by a homophobic article published in the Listín Diario’s children’s magazine Al Compás. In fall of 2012 Marie participated, with this short video, and for the first time in one of the most important collective art shows in her country: the Concurso Eduardo Leon Jimenes at the Leon Jimenes Cultural Center.


For one year, Marie worked as a Teaching Artist for the Romare Bearden Foundation and Doing Art Together, two large organizations in New York that help marginalized communities bringing art education to public schools, prisons, rehabilitation centers and other spaces which endured budget cuts in the arts.


Later in 2013, she worked as an Assistant Director on “Who's in charge?”, a film by Ronni Castillo, award winner Best Director at La Silla Awards in the Dominican Republic.


In the spring of 2013, she participated with "II (Al Compás)" in the exhibition "Status Quo" at the MAM, which brought together the most prominent video artists in her country. That year she was also part of several collective exhibitions at the contemporary art space Casa Quien. 


In 2014, for the second time, the Eduardo León Jiménes Cultural Center, gave Marie the opportunity to finance and exhibit her work as part of its renowned arts contest. This time, the contest concluded with the acquisition of “Untitled IV”; a video installation consisting in a documentary short film and a painting, this video installation documented Marie's relationship with another Dominican artist while criticising the art industry and institutions in the country.


The installation acquired by the León Cultural Center led Indhira Suero, a journalist from Listín Diario, to write an essay about Marie's career titled “Marie Jiménez, fighter”, published in the newspaper on December 21, 2014.


Also in 2014, Marie directed, photographed and edited “El Pozo De la Soledad” a short experimental fiction film. 


Later in 2014, Marie moved to Barcelona to pursue a Master's Degree in Documentary Filmmaking in Escola de Cinema de Barcelona (ECIB); where she met the Portuguese filmmaker Sofía Marcos, which she then assisted in the photography and editing process of ‘La Xarxa’; a short film that follows a group of people that try to base their lives on the ideas of self-management, while they live in a society that rejects their concepts of work and progress.  


In December 2014, Marie begins the research for her first feature documentary entitled D'Sory.


In 2015, Marie founded in Dominican Republic the film production company Cuaba, with the purpose of developing auteurs’ projects that focus in the junction between cinema and Fine Arts.


In 2016 Marie participated with a video installation at PhotoImagen at the MAM, a collective exhibition organised by the Image Center of Santo Domingo.


In 2016, D’Sory wins the National Film Comission’s Production Fund (FONPROCINE), assuring the film’s relevance to the Dominican documentary filmmaking scene.